One tool for boosting your credibility is your MEDIA BIO. The purpose of creating your bio is to reveal your expert authority to the media, partners, and collaborators.

This part is simple, here are the 3 basic segments.

1) WHO you are,

2) WHAT you do,

3) WHY you are in the authority in your niche, and all your credibility markers.

Building  your bio:

  • Start with your name, title, and what you do.

Beth Nydick is a clean eating guru, speaker, author, founder of Blue Barn Kitchen Bars, and passionate certified health coach.  She brings a clean-living mindset to craft mixology, without the hangover. Beth supports a community of health-conscious followers, who are in the pursuit of clean leaving, with effortless recipes and clean entertaining tips.

  • Share your top media hits.

She is a Dr. Oz regular and is featured in Oprah Magazine, the author of “Clean Cocktails” — a new cookbook featuring easy drinks made with healthy ingredients suitable for people following Paleo, gluten-free, and other trending diets., plz see my media bio attached. I also worked in TV production for MTV and NBC.

  • Finish with a personal fact or what you are the authority on (NICHE).

Beth lives in New Jersey with her hubby, two kids and her favorite son, “Spike, the Pitbull”.


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