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Be Visible, Get Press, Rock Your Business!

Learn my insider secrets  that landed me on OPRAH.

A 5-month High Level Mastermind Program for those ready to spread their message through collaboration and media.


As a former TV producer and media professional for over 20 years, I know what it takes to earn the right media for your business. That’s exactly why I created this exclusive program.  


If you are ready to be seen as the THOUGHT LEADER in your industry, then click the link below.

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Wendy K

Interior Designer

Beth’s direction changed my life! Her guidance and advice upleveled my business. I not only have clarity but my message is being shared around the world.

Beth Nydick


Be Visible, Get Press, Rock Your Business!

Media isn’t just about getting famous. It’s about having an IMPACT !

Media success stems from one deep-rooted principle, to do our greatest work in this world we must begin by creating and maintaining long lasting relationships. 

•  Do you want a community of like minded people creating powerful collaborations ?

It’s all about the 5 people you spend the most time with.

•  Are you ready to be the Thought Leader in your industry ?

Building relationships with those that can elevate your message so you can RISE UP

•  Learn the insider secrets to get featured in top publications, television shows and podcasts ?

I will walk you step-by-step to learn my formula that will earn you the top media you have always wanted.

•  Is your social media and website set up for success?

Learn what industry experts are doing to leverage their influence. 

•  Have you taken an holistic view of your business?

How your audience experience can make or break your goals. 

Following my step by step guidance, my clients and students have experienced massive growth as they established themselves as trailblazers in their fields.

Learn my insider secrets  that landed me on OPRAH.

5 Month Media Spotlight Accelerator

Here is what you get in Media Spotlight Accelerator:

  • 60-minute private coaching session per month
  • Weekly Live group calls. Continuing education, focused client group coaching, & networking.
  • Media Spotlight Workbook. Values,
  • Monthly HANDS ON training by industry experts
  • BONUS: Live Mastermind Full Day Event  
  • BONUS: Your personal publicist to support your media activities.*
  • A $20,000 value, BETA pricing still available at $1,350 a month
  • FAST ACTION BONUS: Appear as a featured guest on “Behind the Spotlight” Podcast. (Signup before June 14, 2021)
  • VIP BONUS: Additional 30-minute private coaching session per month

When you are fully aligned with your strengths,

values and mission, you show up for your business, creating a stronger partnership and powerful growth.

See what’s inside the Media Spotlight Accelerator

Working together and staying focused allows us to accomplish what takes years  in a few months.

 This program is only for people that are willing to lean in and commit.

1) Be Visible

  • Share your geniusI show you how to organically reach your audience, and create media coverage that you can leverage into real income. 
  • Foundations: What is your story? Not your message but the story that makes you stand out from the masses.  You will learn how to find and craft your story plus how to tell your story differently on multiple platforms.
  • Media assets: We will create your media package including a media kit, media biography, press page and contacts.  

2) Get Press

  • Platform: Where do you want your audience to see you? Where are they reading & watching already? Accessbility is determined by your actions, everything is doable.
  • Audience: We are passionate about increasing our understanding and awareness of publicity, without overwhelm, through guidance and accountability.
  • Secret Strategy: Learn the secret on how to be covered by national and international media. It all starts with relationships and leveraging your message.

3) Rock Your Business

We share a yearning for less running around and more manageability, seeking wisdom in not just strategy, but leadership and operations for a healthy business and a healthy lifestyle. All anchored on the foundation of my signature Media Spotlight Workbook. ($997 if purchased separately)

The Extras:

Weekly Calls

We set aside time once every week to connect in a variety of topics. Imagine where you will be when you dedicate the time to grow your business? Imagine the transformation that will occur within you and your company when you create the space necessary to truly lead.

  • Hot Seat: It’s your turn to talk about your business, dive deep into your obstacles and victories. Leave the call with action items and a commitment to deliver on those items at a promised time.
  • Wisdom: Topics such as publicity, marketing, increasing sales, evergreen funnels, product and project launches, nurture sequences, branding, as well as topics you are working on.
  • Accountability: When you commit your goals the group, your probability for success rises.

Areas of Engagement

  • Community at Large: In our private group you’ll find the core of our conversations, including custom info from me throughout the week to share resources, topical conversations, and progress reports.
  • Calls: In addition to the group, you will have direct attention to go over your business in depth, determine your goals and create a plan for future success

About Beth Nydick

Beth Nydick is a speaker, author, and a magnetic business mentor. Thru  her mantra of “Persistence Perseverance” she co-authored the top-selling cookbook, “Clean Cocktails: Righteous Recipes for the Modern Mixologist”, and has been in featured in OPRAH, Parade, Forbes, Inc., Nylon Magazine, Tori Burch , and  Better Homes and Gardens plus appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, The Chew and The Tonight Show.

Beth has a sixth sense for Business and Publicity Strategy. A big believer in the power of publicity to catapult your business forward.

As a result of working with Beth Nydick, her clients confidently appear on TV & Media with a solid business foundation but without going through disappointment and confusion around publicity.

Andrea W.

Food Blogger

The best thing about my life after meeting Beth is I have so much more freedom. I have control over my time!

Rona K.

Wellness Entrepreneur

I started using Beth’s Media Dating technique and it helped me to get more hits in a month than ever before!

David D.


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