Behind the Windowsill; Exploring a Creative Mind

In this episode of Behind the Spotlight, it’s a dual interview with the creative and talented, Margo Tantau. Margo has spent basically her whole life immersed in some sort of creative project or another. She loves putting art out into the world, especially the work of other artists. Although she does create her own, she’s always preferred to focus on standing for the potential of others and her favorite pursuit is helping other creatives grow their careers by focusing on what they do best.

Margo and Beth discuss:

  • How they know each other
  • Margo’s tales of business in China
  • Bringing out the best in others and how they each do that in their own ways
  • Being unafraid of the messy
  • The importance of being truly authentic
  • Margo’s (organic) creative process
  • Why home is Margo’s most important place of being
  • What brings Beth joy when it comes to PR and business
  • The importance of connection and community
  • And so much more

Margo has decades of experience in design, manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, and all around management of artful products and creative people. Margo can be found creating with Studio M, hosting her own podcast, Windowsill Chats, and helping unique standout artists wanting to push their boundaries.

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