Building the Playbook on Brand Photography while Managing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Beth meets Mallika Malhotra of MikiFoto + Co behind the spotlight. Mallika is an award-winning brand builder, professional photographer, master connector and author of The Brand Photography Playbook. Her passionate energy, strategic mind and creative spirit makes her a magnetic force in the female entrepreneurial community. Her friends and clients call her the brand energizer!

Mallika and Beth discuss:

  • How her husbands career really shaped her own
  • Skills learned through moving across the country several times
  • Putting your career on the back burner and shifting priorities
  • Mallika’s entrepreneurial journey before
  • How networking has played a pivotal role in her photography career
  • Niching down and getting strategic to differentiate herself
  • Mallika’s Brand Visibility Booster

Mallika is on a mission to help women in business master their message, become the face of their business and build their brand empires. When she is not brainstorming, she is hanging with her hubby and three sons in their Maine home, sipping coffee or a glass of Cabernet, and dreaming about their next global adventure.

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