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Empowered Weight Loss with Fit Warrior Chitra

We are going behind the spotlight to hear the story of Chitra Rochlani, otherwise known as Fit Warrior Chitra. Chitra is a weight loss & body transformation coach that empowers her clients to break free of the “quick fix” mentality and aid them in their weight loss journey. Chitra and Beth find many similarities as they discuss their life journeys from childhood and culture through adulthood and entrepreneurship.

Topics discussed include:

  • Personal transformations (mindset shifts and weight loss)
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Arranged marriage
  • What it was like coming to America and being a global citizen
  • Chitra’s passion for educating women on food NOT being the enemy
  • Imposter syndrome
  • And much more!

Chitra’s mission is to create a tribe of warriors who take pride in nourishing their body with nutrient rich foods, kick-ass workouts and a positive mindset. When she’s not coaching clients or speaking at workshops, she can be found hanging out with her boys at the pool or the beach. She is a personal growth junkie and loves discussing spirituality and self-improvement topics.

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