podcast 18

Curious About Cannabis

Beth goes behind the spotlight with Lauren Mundell to get the scoop on CBD.  In the summer of 2018, Lauren realized that cannabis was, in fact, a wellness supplement and started secretly learning to use it for a year and was beginning to see how much potential the plant held as a partner in working toward holistic wellbeing. She decided to quit her agency job as a PR executive and began a new mission helping people learn how to use cannabis intentionally for their well-being through editorial content, sponsored content, and cannabis influencer relations and experiences.

Lauren shares:

  • Her personal story with weed as an 18 year old and why she started using CBD in her more recent life
  • The app she created, Hi-Curious
  • Influence in the CBD space
  • How she pivoted her business with COVID and how it worked even better than she planned
  • Removing the negative stigma surrounding CBD
  • The wonderful connections she’s been able to make by being vulnerable and sharing her CBD story (and how she encourages others to do the same)

The Hi-Curious app helps new and existing cannabis users find people “like them” who use cannabis as a part of a happy, well, successful, fun, amazing, joyful, productive, badass, kickass life. Hi-Curious’ sister company, Human Nature PR, offers cannabis brands strategic counsel, top-tier media coverage, content creation, events, social media strategy and management and more.

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