Getting to Know The Saltwater CEO

Behind the Spotlight’s guest of the day is Josh Koerpel. Josh is the CEO and Co-Founder of, a year-old tech startup noted for its simplicity and effectiveness in improving the participation and success rates of virtual coaching programs. He’s an adventure junkie, and his life experiential stories often sound like things you would only see in a movie. From working on a tall ship, creating sets and stages for celebrity clients, moving to Chile when he was 16 years old not speaking a lick of spanish, to conceptualizing and building 3 mobile apps in two years it’s safe to say, Josh has learned a few things along the way.

Josh and Beth talk about:

  • Josh’s first experience of living in a foreign country and what it taught him
  • Near death experiences working on a tall ship (Think dynamics of Below Deck meets Survivor)
  • Learning perseverance and resourcefulness
  • How he’s been able to apply lessons learned from work on a ship to business and entrepreneurship
  • Holding the titles of Captain, Engineer, and Entrepreneur
  • Why we should all be failing forward
  • And so much more!

Josh currently lives aboard his 1972 sailboat Albatross, and is exploring the country on a vintage BMW motorcycle. This one is wildly fascinating and motivating – you don’t want to miss it!

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