How to Live Life Fully Charged with Meaghan B. Murphy

Beth goes behind the spotlight with author, editor, on-air personality, lifestyle and health expert and influencer, a home-hack master and certified trainer, Meaghan B Murphy. Meaghan was recently named Content Director of Woman’s Day (the #1 selling magazine on newsstands), charged with energizing the brand across print and digital. This follows a 6-year stint as executive editor at Good Housekeeping, where Meaghan helped dust off and reimagine the 130-year-old megabrand with a soup-to-nuts redesign that took a more modern, fun and can-do approach to domesticity, boosting the magazine’s cool factor and its readership in the coveted 18-to-34 category without losing its core, older audience.

Meaghan shares: 

  • How she retrained her thoughts and changed her negative bias
  • How writing a an article on happiness for Cosmopolitan changed her life
  • Her ‘Stay in the Day’ mantra
  • Surviving severe eating disorders and how she made her mess her message
  • The catalyst for writing her book, Your Fully Charged Life
  • Finding the yay in every day

Along with guiding Woman’s Day creative vision, which reaches 18 million readers each month, Meaghan also develops strategic partnerships across all platforms, conceives of new ways to generate revenue and promotes WD in the media as a regular guest expert on “Live with Kelly & Ryan,” “Today,” “GMA”, “The Dr. Oz Show,” and many more. 

Your Fully Charged Life by Meaghan B. Murphy

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