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Rediscovering Your Passion Morphmom

Founder of Morphmom, a multimedia platform dedicated to educating, inspiring, empowering and connecting women to help them discover their next step, I interviewed Kathleen Butler Smith. After serving as an Assistant Prosecutor for six years, Kathleen stopped working following the birth of her second child, and later discovered that after falling behind on continuing education, re-entering the workforce would be difficult. On the path to ‘figuring it out’ Kathleen quickly noticed that she was not alone and that there were, in fact, many women who found themselves in a similar position. She began to chronicle the inspirational stories of women (lovingly referred to as the Morphmoms) who had managed to chart their own course with the hope of helping other women do the same!

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, Kathleen took her love for interviewing people and decided to talk with other moms that were once in a similar position and find out from them their personal and incredible stories. From what worked and didn’t work to creating a life by design and the steps it took to get there.

We talk about:

  • Kathleen’s (hilarious) first interviews story
  • The empowerment osmosis that happens when one shares their story
  • A life-changing story that Kathleen kicks off every Morphmom conference with
  • How we can bring simplicity to helping others
  • Finding support systems that will allow you to take your next step (in life and business)
  • Creating community
  • The importance of showing interest in others
  • And much more!

Morphmom is a library of possible opportunities —  a built in support system for women about to embark on this journey providing both general and specific tools to help women through this process.

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