podcast 16

Quantum Leap Transformation

Beth chats with transformation coach for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and entertainers, Tristan Gutner. Tristan helps entrepreneurs who are stuck and want more to take control of their business and life. He created the Quantum Leap Method which is designed to help his clients rapidly transform any aspect of their life or business from the inside out.

Tristan and Beth discuss:

  • Tristan’s faith in the Universe and how
  • How he’s learned to value his self-worth over time
  • Resistance and the biggest thing Tristan sees his clients resist
  • When people typically hire Tristan as a coach in their personal journey
  • His personal journey and transitioning from musician to high end luxury house painter to coach
  • Self-awareness & visualization practices
  • Simple tools for becoming the highest version of ourselves
  • And more

Tristan is committed to helping today’s leaders take control of the results in their businesses and lives. He has helped thousands of people from all over the world through his TV show and podcast, The LIFT With Tristan Gutner, and is frequently featured in the media including CNN, NBC, ABC, SUCCESS Magazine, Thrive Global, and Goalcast.


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