The Weight of Being: Moving Mountains

Beth chats self-love and acceptance and becoming unstoppable with Kara Richardson Whitely. Kara is a plus-size author, public speaker and adventurer and after spending years in journalism and telling stories that belonged to others, she was ready to share her own. After deciding she was sick of living in a place where she was not enough to do the things she wanted to do, she lost 120 pounds and committed herself to becoming an active hiker before taking on Mount Kilimanjaro three times. Since then she has written several books including Gorge and Weight of Being and it’s now her mission to share her journey and inspire others take bold steps and move mountains in their lives.

Kara shares:

  • How she got her start in journalism and storytelling
  • What led her away from journalism and motivated her to share her own story
  • The definition of binge-eating and her experience with it
  • Learning how to manage life without turning to food
  • Her book that is being adapted into a film and the This is Us icon that will play the role of her!
  • The beauty of self-love and acceptance
  • Why we should expand our circles of influence and how we can easily do so
  • And so much more

Kara has been featured in The New York Times and on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS’ The Talk and countless other media outlets. She serves as an Eating Recovery Center national recovery advocate amongst many other roles.

Connect with Kara:
Gorge by Kara Richardson Whitely
Weight of Being by Kara Richardson Whitely


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