Pitch Guide


Do you want to be on TV and get the logos?

You know what I mean… that band on your home page that says you’ve been on The Today Show, Good morning America, Drew Barrymore, or MSNBC…these logos don’t just have to do with you making your head bigger or getting more bragging rights.

Landing logos gives you:

  • Instant credibility across multiple platforms. Landing media means someone else promoting your brand on their platform.
  • Tangible, active leads. Imagine opening your inbox after your TV feature and discovering multiple people bought your offering.
  • An open door to more opportunities. Imagine getting asked to be on your dream podcast without needing to pitch.

No duh you want the dang logos, it’s smart.

But what if I told you there’s only one thing standing between you and landing those logos?

The ONE thing you NEED to do if you want to land the logos is this – send a dang pitch!

That said, I’ve spoken with hundreds of clients over the years, and the #1 reason they aren’t landing media is that they have something I like to call PWB.

PWB = Pitch Writer’s Block

Can you relate?

When you look at the blank document to write your pitch, your mind also goes blank. You have no idea what to say, and you start overthinking…

What do I need to say for them to say yes?

After a few minutes of sitting there, you decide you’ll push off writing the pitch to later, and you move on. But, of course, the pitch never gets written. Lame! If you’ve put your pitching on the back burner for weeks, months, or years, listen UP!! I have the solution!

What if I told you it was possible to write your pitches in 10 minutes or less?

The 10-minute pitch totally is when you use the proven Pitch Framework I give my clients. Guess what?!

This Pitch Framework shows you:

  • Insider Pitch Secrets from my 20+ years of media experience and thousands of accepted pitches.
  • Insider Steps to put together a pitch that gets accepted.
  • A COPY of my legit actual pitch template and TWO (2) example pitches.

I honestly feel a bit crazy giving you ALL of this, but what the heck, I want you to win!If you want to get from where you’re now as the world’s best-kept secret to landing all the logos, click below to download the Pitch Guide.


Pitch Guide is a comprehensive package that includes all the informative you need to earn the media you have always wanted. This includes a step-by-step process that will ensure your pitch is ready to go out and get you the results you desire. It breaks it down into 5 parts: Topics, Media Pillars, Thesis, Creation, and Action. The templates will solve the problem of not knowing what to say or how to say it. Your pitch will connect with the media and give them a taste of who you are and why you’re the perfect person cover or interview. Now, all you have to do is sit down and create your pitch, it doesn’t all happen overnight. However, Pitch Guide will give you the tools you need to pitch effectively and get the results you want.