Rock Star Media Kit

Create your Rock Star Media Kit

in a Weekend

Time to Show What You’re Made Of!

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Entice journalists, editors, producers, bookers, or even brands with your ROCKSTAR MEDIA KIT!

You are a thought leader, an expert in your niche, but do you have the media kit to prove it? A solid media kit is 100% the best way to feature your credibility, expertise, show your connections to media, and reveal all you offer online.

A step-by-step workbook that guides you the process. Just add your information and the rest is done for you.

We get it. The term “media kit” may seem outdated. However, media kits are an effective tool to …

  1. Showcase your expertise in a certain field
  2. Highlight accomplishments
  3. Provide pertinent background information for interviews

With Create Your Rock Star Media Kit in a Weekend, you’ll be one step closer to the Press of your dreams!

This downloadable PDF provides everything you need in order to create your Rock Star Media Kit in just 8 simple steps.

Step 1

Craft a Magnetic + Polished Professional Bio

Step 2

Provide a Scintillating Snapshot of Your Products and Services

Step 3

Gather and Flaunt Your Show-stopping Stats

Step 4

Showcase Social Proof and Media Mentions

Step 5

Add in High-Quality Images

Step 6

Create a Killer Call to Action

Step 7

Get Creative! Design Your Kit

Step 8

Set Up a Simple System to Keep Your Kit Fresh

Don’t wait for the Press to search for you!

Be visible, Get Press and Rock Your Business with the Rock Star Media Kit today!