The Publicity Primer Cohort

January 2021

A COHORT is a unique educational experience that provides the opportunity to learn, share and grow.

The Publicity Primer Cohort will provide something that most of us entrepreneurs are lacking in our life; the opportunity for ACCOUNTABILITY and COMMUNITY.

The group consists of like minded individuals who agree to help each other with support, advice and encouragement when tackling business ideas and goals. 

Each member has the opportunity to seek advice and input from other members when working on planning and accomplishing goals and big ideas.

Most of us work solo or in small groups, so having others to be a sounding board and to help with ideas and problems is HUGE! 

Together, members celebrate each other’s success and work together to problem solve. This tactic has been proven to rapidly accelerate business growth and development!

What's So Special...


The Publicity Primer Cohort is an intensive 8 month virtual experience for like minded entrepreneurs! This group is open to the business owner who is looking to work hard and give as much as they hope to get!  

The group will meet virtually for weekly calls. Each member will have a chance to be in the ‘hot seat’ and share a current obstacle or idea they are facing in their business. Other members will then be able to help talk them through, give feedback, advice, share their own experiences and work together to troubleshoot or solve the problem! Each member must be willing to commit to participating.

In between the weekly virtual calls, members will be able to continue to keep each other accountable and stay connected on updates and more in a private online group.
All those interested in participating in the Publicity Primer Cohort will need to complete an application. Those accepted into the Cohort will be notified via email with instructions on how to confirm their commitment, this Cohort is limited. All virtual group calls will be done using Zoom.


Be visible, get PRESS and ROCK your business.

Included in the Cohort membership:

An initial individual 90-minute consultation call
A downloadable “Exposure Lab” workbook
Monthly virtual group training, Cohort and hot seat calls.
Lifetime access to the private online group.

Beth Nydick

Beth has spent over 10 years working as an online entrepreneur and health coach, her acumen for business had been sought out by other solopreneurs that wanted to increase their authority, but their businesses were not set up for success.

After Beth’s cookbook debuted, “Clean Cocktails, Righteous Recipes for the Modern Mixologist”, she was asked to speak at events and conferences about how she was able to get published without social proof. She found herself counseling colleagues about business and helping them understand and activate their maximum potential.
Beth saw a hole in the foundations of her communities’ businesses and knew that what she had learned over the last 10 years could not only help them increase their bottom line but with a direction she could guide them to work in collaboration to increase their visibility and credibility.

Today, Beth helps entrepreneurs to strategically prepare their business and gain exposure through collaboration and visibility so they can reach their full potential, establish credibility and their bottom line.


Here’s what people are saying about .....................

Christian Doe

Business Coac

Make Potential Possible!

"Getting published in major publications, getting a call from GMA, an invite from my fav podcast… just another week Beth's client! She's pushing me to make my potential possible."

Barbara Lane

Content Creator

Get Press

"Beth is magic!. I started working with her and my business grew overnight. No more HOLES and I have a plan to move forward and get PRESS."

Marie Jones

Marketing Specialist

Rock your Business

"I've been on TV but had no plan to leverage the publicity. Beth showed me how and opened the doors to a lot more media attention."


Who is this for?

  • You’re an online coach and entrepreneur that wants to be seen and heard.
  • You want to level up your business model and unlock success. 
  • You’re willing to put in the work for your own business and support others in their growth!
  • You’re craving some community with like minded individuals.
  • You are prepared, driven, hardworking and motivated, but you just need that extra push or help to get things going in the right direction!


997 a month

  • Initial 60 minute meet and greet group call
  • A downloadable Exposure Lab 64 page Workbook to keep you on track,  motivated and inspired.
  • 1 monthly private mentoring 30 minute call with Beth 
  • 1  "Cohort" training call
  • 1 “Hot Seat” group call 
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook group and unlimited access to community and continued support.
  • Working hours monthly.


1497 a month*

  • Initial 60 minute meet and greet group call
  • A downloadable Exposure Lab 64 page Workbook to keep you on track,  motivated and inspired.
  • 1  "Cohort" training call 
  • 1 "Hot Seat" group call
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook group and unlimited access to community and continued support.
  • * 1 monthly private mentoring 60 minute call with Beth
  • * Voxer access, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

Your personal note

I get asked a ton of questions about business but I wanted to share a little of my "why" instead. My first TV appearance as a food blogger was on Dr. Oz. A producer had seen my page on FB and had me on talking about healthy avocado snacks, I made avocado deviled eggs. It was a fantastic day! UNTIL.... I realized that my email capture was NOT operating. OMG!!! 25K people had visited my site and I captured NO EMAILS. I don't want anything like this to happen to you. Together we will fill all the holes in your foundation, get you visible, get press and rock your business!