4 Places Your Brand Messaging should be Consistent

Your message is the vision your brand portrays to the world at large, to your clients.

When people look at your online presence, they should know what you do and that you bring value to the market. Your brand message should be appealing to your target market and should be consistent in every piece of content you produce, across every platform. Every time a client or potential client has contact with your company it will shape their view of you. It’s essential that each of those touch points send the same message. For 2021 I decided to upgrade my messaging to: “From undiscovered to unforgettable”. What does it say to you?

Consistency is important because it brings name recognition. If people see how you show up, your messaging and your social proof, they will recognize you no matter if they see you on Clubhouse or in a TV segment. When people recognize your identity, your name is always brought to mind, which is helpful when they receive your emails or see your social media posts.

Let’s examine the five most important places to perfect your brand identity:

Your Social Media Platforms

Very often your social media is the first element a potential client will see and most people will make a 10-second decision whether or not to explore further than your top nine. Needless to say, your identity should be strongly represented on that page so your potential clients will explore further or contact you.

Not everyone in your target audience will use the same social media platform, so it behooves you to post across multiple platforms to reach more of your audience. However, if your name, colors, and logo are different on all these platforms, when someone jumps from Facebook to Twitter, they may not think yours is the same company because the profiles look different.  Consistency brings recognition and also helps to build trust between you and your clients.

Your Website

Your brand colors, fonts, and your logo are important and should reflect your brand message. If your message is sobering and you handle tough problems, using whimsical fonts and cutesy graphics doesn’t meld with the serious issues your company handles. The opposite is also true; if your identity and mission are more light-hearted, using deep, dark colors and traditional fonts might turn people away after they make a quick judgment call.

All Company Communications

E-books, workbooks, templates, interactive tools; these should all have the same message, colors, fonts, and logo as your website and your social media platforms. Just one more way to show your professionalism and attention to detail and your clients will certainly notice.

Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is still one of the best ways to keep in touch with clients and to keep your company name in their memory. The key is to be relevant with your messages and offer valuable and engaging content. On top of these, create a optin that incorporates your brand colors, fonts, logo and message. Don’t miss a chance to build that trust between you and your audience. 

Other Ways to Be A Consistent Brand

One more way to deepen your communications with consistency is your MEDIA KIT! There is an unlimited amount of information available at any time, so when you are pitching yourself or your products to the media a MEDIA KIT is one necessity you can’t avoid. It’s smart to have a media kit ready to go if GMA comes calling, or even to create a synergistic relationships with a colleague. It is only going to help tell your story and make your brand look super polished.

What should you include and how should you create your media kit? For starters, it has to be available, simple and you at your best. I like to create my clients media kits in Canva, saved as a PDF and includes brand images, previous press, story/talking points and more. Be sure to showcase your expertise in your niche, highlight your accomplishments and background information, what makes you special. Feel free to be creative! Try the    Create your ROCKSTAR Media Kit in a Weekend Workbook, eight steps that guide you the process, just add your information and the rest is done for you.

Time to Show What You’re Made Of! Here is mine….


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