Beth Nydick

Behind the Spotlight

I am taking your favorite entrepreneurs & celebrities off their pedestals & onto a bar stool next to you.

We have real, deep conversations with people who are making their potential possible.

Rebecca Ryan Strategy Session

Beth Nydick

On this episode, Beth hosts a strategy session with Rebecca Ryan. Rebecca is the founder of Serving Up Social, and…

The ROI of Going All In On Yourself

LeAnna Smith

Beth chats with LeAnna Weller Smith, Owner and Executive Creative Director at Weller Smith Design, an award-winning Boutique Design Agency….

Conservative to Contemporary: Going behind the vail

Michael Robison

Beth is going Behind the Spotlight with Michael Robison to find out what it’s like when you mix entrepreneurship and…

The Weight of Being: Moving Mountains

Kara Richardson Whitely

Beth chats self-love and acceptance and becoming unstoppable with Kara Richardson Whitely. Kara is a plus-size author, public speaker and…

Getting to Know The Saltwater CEO

Josh Koerpel

Behind the Spotlight’s guest of the day is Josh Koerpel. Josh is the CEO and Co-Founder of, a year-old…

From A Career on Camera to Connection through Consulting

Kerry Barrett

Producer. Reporter. Emmy Award-winning Anchor. Oh my! Beth speaks with Kerry Barrett and goes behind the spotlight of what it…

Debunking Balance and Learning to Embrace Life

Jennifer Tuma-Young

On this episode of Behind the Spotlight, Beth sits down with Jenn Tuma-Young. Jenn is the founder of Inspired Girl…

Experiencing Empowerment through Vulnerability

Renee Dominguez

Today, on Behind the Spotlight, Beth talks with Renee Dominguez. Renee is a Business Strategist, Leadership Consultant, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker,…

Finding Healing & Purpose After Trauma

Cari Rosno

On today’s episode of Behind the Spotlight, we go behind the scenes of the Boston Marathon Bombings and find out…


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